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articles, interviews, discographies, dossiers parus sur internet de 2013 nos jours sont classés par ordre chronologique de parution du plus récent au plus ancien. Les nouveaux articles s'ajoutent l'ensemble.
Sur les éditions papier (1935 2012), se trouvent beaucoup dautres articles, interviews, discographies, dossiers disponibles la vente sur notre boutique
L'index par année permet de se rendre rapidement l'année désirée

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Jazz Hot n686, John Betsch

John BETSCH / The John Betsch Society, n686

Bobby SANABRIA / Nuyorican Is Beautiful, n686

Philippe SOIRAT / Lines and Spaces, n686

Mario CANONGE et Michel ZENINO / The Two Brothers, n686

Dmitry BAEVSKY / We Two, n686

Marcel FLEISS / Les années jazz, n686

Jazz Hot n685, Louis Hayes

Louis HAYES / The Jazz Leader, n685

Warren SMITH / Composer's Workshop Ensemble, n685

Roy AYERS / Good Vibes, n685

Randy WESTON / The Jazz Griot, n685

Charles LOOS / Le charme discret, n685

William CHABBEY / Three Ways for a Soul, n685

Fred PASQUA / Moon River, n685

Yoann LOUSTALOT-Frédéric CHIFFOLEAU / Old and New Songs, n685

Jazz Hot n684, Kevin Mahogany

Kevin MAHOGANY / Kansas City Born and Bred, n684

Mighty Mo RODGERS / Blues March, n684

Norma WINSTONE / A Timeless Place, n684

Sophie ALOUR / Time for Love, n684

Ellen BIRATH / Ellen and the Shadow Cats, n684

Laure DONNAT / Afro Blue, n684

Jazz Hot n683, Cécile McLorin Salvant

Cécile McLORIN SALVANT / When Dreams Come True, n683

Carmen LUNDY / Code Noir, n683

Karin KROG / The Many Faces of, n683

Sylvia HOWARD / Paris, via Singapour, n683


Ella FITZGERALD / Le sicle dElla Fitzgerald, n682 (Dossier)

Deborah BROWN / Kansas City Here I Come, n682

Ludovic BEIER / Black Friday, n682

Julien BRUNETEAUD / Playground, n682

Jérme SABBAGH / Instinctif, n682

Alain JEAN-MARIE / Begin the Biguine, n681Jazz Hot n681, Alain Jean-Marie

Harold MABERN / To Love and Be Loved, n681

Toshiko AKIYOSHI / Bouncing With Toshiko, n681

Danny GRISSETT/ Remembrance, n681

Garnett BROWN / Memphis Confidential (suite), n681

Julie SAURY / Song for My Father, n681

César PASTRE / Tu quoque Fili, n681

Gérard NAULET / Viaje a la Amistad, n681

George CABLES / The Composer, n680

Tania MARIA / Canto, n680

Kenny WERNER / Poesia, n680Jazz Hot n680, George Cables

Pierre de BETHMANN / Exo, n680

Jobic LE MASSON / Song, n680

Laurent COQ / The Lafayette Suite, n680

Jeb PATTON / Shades and Tones, n680

Curtis FULLER / The Early Years, n680

Jonah JONES / Blues, Swing and Style, n680

Jean-Christophe AVERTY / Le Raisin Vert, n680

Gérard TERRONS / En Marge, n680

Geri ALLEN / Detroit Odyssey, n680

Johnny ONEAL / Johnny's Back in Town, n679

Fred HERSCH  / The Poet's Touch, n679

Enrico INTRA / Milano Strut, n679Jazz Hot n679, Johnny ONeal

David HERRIDGE / Midnight in Paris, n679

Christian BRENNER / Avec Tabou, n679

Albert SANZ / Sweet Home, Valencia, n679

Robert JEANNE / La double-vie de Mr. Jeanne, n679

Aux Petits Joueurs / Olivier David, n679

Maurice VANDER / Dans une ferme du Poitou, n679

Horace PARLAN / Love and Peace, n679


Eddie HENDERSON / Collective Portrait, n678Jazz Hot n678, Eddie Henderson

Jean-Loup LONGNON / Courant alternatif, n678

Goran KAJFES / Jazz, free & folk, n678

Marquis HILL / Chicago after dark, n678

Harry Sweets EDISON / Sweets, ma non troppo, n678

MEZZROW-Spike WILNER / On the other side of the street, n678

JAZZIVRY-Dan VERNHETTES / New Orleans on my mind, n678

Svend ASMUSSEN / The Fiddling Viking, n678

Charles TOLLIVER / Impressions, n677Jazz Hot n677, Charles Tolliver

Cecil BRIDGEWATER / All My Yesterdays, n677

Christian SCOTT / Stretch Music, n677

Josh EVANS / McLean Dynasty, n677

Toots THIELEMANS / De Jeanke Toots, n677

Rudy Van GELDER / The Art of Sound, n677
Connie CROTHERS / Requiem, n677

Wynton MARSALIS / On peut aimer les autres, n676

Roy HARGROVE / Parlons peu, parlons bien, n676Jazz Hot n676, Wynton Marsalis

Romain THIVOLLE / Django Unlimited Big Band, n676

Joe TEMPERLEY / Au Paradis des Big Bands, n676

Harry JAMES / Le sicle d'Harry James, n676

Gerald WILSON / The Early Years, n676

Airelle BESSON / Radio One, n676

Bobby MEDINA / Between Worlds, n676

Duarte MENDONA / Jazz Estoril, n676

Michel LAPLACE / LEncyclopédiste de la Trompette, n676

Denise KING / My Destiny, n675Jazz Hot n675, Denise King

Lew TABACKIN / Zen, n675

Chico FREEMAN / Just Play, n675

Walter SMITH III / The New Texas Sound, n675

Luigi GRASSO / Un Aria di Jazz, n675

Nicole JOHNNTGEN / Introducing, n675

Cyrille AIMÉE / La Rage de vivre, n675


Jazz Hot n674, Jorge Pardo

Jorge PARDO / Du swing au soniquete, n674

Hal SINGER / Jazz Stories, n674

Claudio FASOLI / Il Professore, n674

Esaie CID / To Art with Love, n674

Justin ROBINSON / Justin Time, n674

Frank CATALANO / The Chicago Fire, n674

Jazz Hot n673, Randy Weston

Randy WESTON / Back to Africa, n673

René URTREGER / Le jazz cur, n673

Bertha HOPE-BOOKER / Bertha's Fire, n673

Benny GREEN / Green is blue, n673

Orrin EVANS / In Action, n673

Reggie WORKMAN / Wake Up!, n672

Chris McBRIDE / The New Messenger, n672Jazz Hot n672, Reggie Workman

Dezron DOUGLAS / Time Is Everything, n672

Ugonna OKEGWO / Chasin' the Jazz, n672

Peter GIRON / The Best Kept Secret, n672

Gianluca PETRELLA / Pour Nino Rota, n672

Jean-Pierre BISSOT / Gaume Jazz Festival, n672

Jazz Hot 80e Anniversary: Fondation Boris Vian, Paris, n672
Jazz Hot 80e Anniversary: Jazz Station, Bruxelles
, n672

Mary STALLINGS / Lady Mary, n671

Eric REED, Chapter 1: The Color of the Soul, n671

Eric REED, Chapter 2: The Color of the Swing, n671

Jimmy OWENS / Nobody Knows...Jazz Hot n671, Mary Stallings et Eric Reed

Fabrizio BOSSO / La forza del destino, n671

Rossano SPORTIELLO / Piano on My Mind, n671

Louis MAZETIER / Docteur Swing, n671

George AVAKIAN / Hot Memories, n671

Todd BARKAN / In This Korner, n671

Boris VIAN / Le Voyage en Amérique, n671

Billie HOLIDAY / Le Sicle de Lady Day, n671

Paddy SHERLOCK / Cool and In, n671


Jazz Hot n670, Al Foster

Al FOSTER / Nostalgia in Times Square, n670

Barry ALTSCHUL / Sophisticated Rhythm, n670

Joris DUDLI / After Hours, n670

Johnathan BLAKE / Firm Roots, n670

LA BATTERIE / L'instrument du jazz, n670

Jazz Hot n669, Willie Jones III

Willie JONES III / Among Friends, n669

Rodney GREEN / Drums From the Church, n669

Justin BROWN / California Drummin', n669

Philippe FRECHET / Le jazz et la plume, n669

Jazz Hot n668, Ricky Ford

Ricky FORD / Five or Six Shades of Jazz, n668

Lenny POPKIN / Feelin' the Music, n668

JAZZ FOUNDATION of AMERICA / Don't You Know We Care?, n668

LE SAXOPHONE / Un instrument jazz, n668

Jazz Hot n667, Steve Kuhn

Steve KUHN / A Quiet Man, n667

Ran BLAKE / Dr. Jazz and Mr. Blake, n667

Spike WILNER / Live at Smalls, n667

Aux Origines du piano hot / Les Fondements de l'expressivité d'un instrument bien tempéré, n667


Jazz Hot n666, Eric Alexander

Eric ALEXANDER / Jazz Inside Out, n666

Harold MABERN / Memphis Confidential, n666

Jan LUNDGREN / Swedish Jazz Tales, n666

Jean-Pol SCHROEDER / La Maison du Jazz de Lige, n666

Jazz Hot n665, Sonny Fortune

Sonny FORTUNE / Coltrane Legacy, n665

Danilo PEREZ / Quinze ans aprs, n665

Lia PALE / Introducing, n665

Les origines du spectacle américain / Les Minstrel Shows, n665

Jazz Hot n664, Bobby Watson

Bobby WATSON / Kansas City Barbecue Suite, n664

Wycliffe GORDON / How deep is the music, n664

Rudresh MAHANTHAPPA / Indian ma non troppo, n664

George LEWIS / Anche simple et charme du son, n664

Jazz Hot n663, Laka Fatien

Laka FATIEN / Come a Little Closer, n663

Jim ROTONDI / Gentleman Jim, n663

Jelly Roll MORTON / Ses relations difficiles avec la Harlem Renaissance, n663