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”Jazz For Two”, un exposition des phototographies de Jose Horna

1 juillet 2014
Café Satistegi de Getxo, Espagne
© Jazz Hot n°668, été 2014

L'exposition «Jazz for Two» est un ensemble de regards mutuels, de dialogues explicites ou tacites, de contrastes ou de complicités qui se produisent sur scène. En essayant de mettre l'accent sur la connexion entre les musiciens, sujet principal des 22 photographies qui composent l'exposition, on veut fixer cet instant qui va au-delà de la simple addition de personnages et donne forme à un «jazz pour deux» où les «deux» sont, aussi, pour le jazz. Comme dans l'ancienne chanson de Youmans et Caesar, devenue l'un des standards les plus connus du jazz :
” Just tea for two

and two for tea

Just me for you

and you for me… alone ”


When an exhibition of photographs of Jazz is prepared, the selection criteria can easily drift towards extreme images which the great technical advances of today's digital photography allow us. Thanks to these advances, we are managing to capture ,even in minimal lighting conditions, close-ups previously unheard-of, every detail and extremely high definition textures. The problem with this , at least in my opinion, may reside in the fact that this great leap forward might place us too close to the scene, to the point of blurring and  losing the context of Jazz.


I think, besides the eternal debate about what is established Jazz and what is not, we can all agree that Jazz is an experience in which diverse individuals give form and content to something new, as a practically inseparable collective. To dissect it down to its bare minimums would be to almost destroy it. Similarly, photographing it exclusively through a keyhole would break the bonds of the collective that has emerged. To avoid this, sometimes it may be necessary not to forget to widen the frame, broaden the perspective and context so the main subject of the photo is ,in other words, these very same connections.

I have kept all of this in mind while considering and presenting  "Jazz for Two". As a set of mutual glances, inferred and explicit dialogues, contrasts and complicity that occur in the scene. Trying to stress the relationship between the performers, in that instant that goes beyond the mere sum of characters and gives form to a "Jazz for two" in which the "two" is also for Jazz. As in the old song by  Youmans and Caesar, which has become one of the most classic jazz standards:

” Just tea for two
and two for tea
Just me for you
and you for me ...alone ”

Translation Kevin Connolly

L'exposition est visualisable dans le détail sur le site Flickr:

Un livre-catalogue de l'exposition ajoute 13 photos supplémentaires sur le même sujet.
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Détail des photographies exposées :

- Jim Tomlinson - Stacey Kent / Getxo Jazz  2013
- Chico Pinheiro - Nnenna Freelon / Concierto  Homenaje a Pío Lindegaard  2013
- Danilo Pérez - Wayne Shorter / Getxo Jazz 2012
- China Moses - Raphaël Lemmonier / Getxo Jazz 2012
- Lorenz Kellhuber - Tobias Meinhart / Getxo Jazz 2009
- Dianne Reeves - Bobby McFerrin / Jazzaldia San Sebastián 2008
- Dave Douglas - Marcus Rojas / Jazzaldia San Sebastián 2009
- Hank Jones - Joe Lovano / Jazzaldia San Sebastián 2009
- Agustí Fernández - Peter Evans / Jazzaldia San Sebastián 2011
- Reginald Veal - Cassandra Wilson / Jazzaldia San Sebastián 2011
- Mulgrew Miller - Eric Reed / Jazzaldia San Sebastián 2012
- Wynton Marsalis - Paco de Lucía / Vitoria Jazz 2006
-  Fabrizio Bosso - Stefano Di Battista / Vitoria Jazz 2009
- Dee Dee Bridgewater - James Carter / Vitoria Jazz 2009
- Pat Metheny - Charlie Haden / Vitoria Jazz 2009
- Bojan Z - Michel Portal / Vitoria Jazz 2011
- Stefano Bollani - Jesper Bodilsen / Vitoria Jazz 2012
- Linda Oh - Joey Baron / Vitoria Jazz 2012
- Joshua Redman - Reid Anderson / Vitoria Jazz 2012
- Tom Harrell - Wayne Scoffery / Vitoria Jazz 2013
- Eric Revis - Branford Marsalis / Vitoria Jazz 2013
- Frank Woeste - Ibrahim Maalouf / Vitoria Jazz 2013